The Fish Farm – Nemo SA / community based fish farming project

The Fish Farm is a South African world first! – a patented micro fish farm which delivers an asset-based means of production to the urban poor, offering them the ability to participate in the economy of South Africa, in the massive growth industry of fish farming, right where they live, in an inner city environment.

Why the Fish Farm?

The Fish Farm was developed in response to observed environmental, economic and social trends in poor communities. With increasing urbanisation, high unemployment, rising transport costs, a deteriorating marine environment, and global warming affecting food security, we have to start thinking differently about how and where we grow our food. The Fish Farm is the answer! By growing food close to where the vast majority of people live, The Fish Farm positively addresses many of these dilemmas.

“A community based social business in aquaculture”

What the Fish Farm Achieves

For the first time globally, profitable small scale but intensive fish farming has now been introduced to the inner city and urban areas. From poor communities in small towns to large cities, the global growth industry of aquaculture is now available as a small business opportunity. Aquaculture, until now, has mostly been restricted to large, low-employment operations with fairly high financial and technical barriers to entry. Now, as an example, instead of one fish farm producing 400 tons of fish, The Fish Farm empowers 100 individuals or families to produce four tons each, profitably, right where they live. The result is the same – 400 tons – but more people and communities are involved.

To find out more about this good community project visit The Fishfarm


Vetz Care ‘Healthcare From Head to Tail’

perkypets-vetzcare-birds-animals-capetown-nemosa-2Vetzcare is all about caring for your pets by providing you with an extensive range of quality foods, veterinary products and pet accessories.Our stores are conveniently situated all around the Western Cape and to continue providing you with easy access to our quality products we have opened our on-line store.As a division of Pet Products, established in 1979, Vetzcare was formed in 2011, with the objective to provide total health care solutions and products for your pets.  In addition to offering top quality products we have a resident Veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Cathro, as part of our team and who is able to provide you with all round sound advice.



From Puppy to Senior, We stock a large range of imported as well as locally made dog food, ranging from Hills, Eukanuba, Pro Pac, Royal Canin, Vets Choice, Montego and Wuma,

DOG TREATS, ACCESSORIES & TOYS  We stock a wide range of Leads and collars to suit your pet’s needs, from Rogzs to Halti’s and harnesses, all you need to have a great walking experience.We carry a large range of dog treats ranging from Rawhide to various biscuits and snacks to help train your pet.At VetzCare you will find a large selection of toys ranging from the interaction type to the boredom treats like Ostrich bones and Kong toys.

TICK, FLEA & WORM REMEDIES & SHAMPOOS  For all your tick and flea remedies, we stock Frontline, Revolution, Comfortis, Nexguard, Seresto collars, Advantix, Capstar, Program, Bravecto, Practic and Advocate, as well as the natural flea powders as well as the Gotcha Flea killer machine.De wormers like Tri worm, and Milbemax, which are broad spectrum dewormers. Shampoos for all skin types.

CAT FOOD  Like the dog food we carry a wide range of cat food ranging from Hills, Iams, Royal Canin, Pro Pac and Montego.

CAT TREATS, TOYS & ACCESSORIES  To keep your Cat entertained, we have a large range of interactive cat toys and treats, and we have Bulk Cat litter bags.

BIRD FOOD, CAGES, TREATS & ACCESSORIES  For all your Bird needs, from cages to foods to medicines and toys, we have a large selection of foods like Avi Plus, Versele Laga, and Monati and Animal Zone products. Our Cages are manufactured to the highest specifications, and we stock a wide range of bird toys, perches and medicines to keep them healthy.

HAMSTERS & RATS  We keep a range of Cages to suit your needs, together with the balanced foods like Reggie Rat, Burgess and Versele Laga. Rodents need to chew to keep their teeth in good condition; we carry a range of excellent quality Hamster and Rat chew toys.

RABBITS & GUINEA PIGS FOOD, CAGES TREATS & ACCESSORIES  We stock the Burgess Rabbit and Guinea Pig foods and treats, as well as Russell Rabbit and Gertie Guinea Pig foods, for a complete balanced diet for your pet.

FISH, TANKS, ACCESSORIES & FOODS  We stock a large selection of Marine, Tropical as well as Fresh Water fish, we also build Tanks to your specifications, and the pumps and filters are competitively priced.  We stock the premium brands of foods like Tetra and our own label of Goldfish and Tropical fish food.

LIVESTOCK  At our Pet shop, we do not keep Puppies or Kittens, but rather encourage the public to support the various welfare organisations by adopting. We do however keep various hand reared parrots, and well as the smaller birds like Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels etc. plus Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, we support good animal keeping, and would advise wherever possible what would be suitable for you and your family.

SEED  We carry a wide range of seed for the wild garden birds as well as for the larger animals like chickens, ducks and pet pigs.  Should you not find any of the products you looking for in our on-line store please contact us to assist.

We look forward to being of service to you and your pets.

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Perky Pets ‘Taking Care of Your Friends’

perkypets-vetzcare-birds-animals-capetown-nemosa-1Perky Pets is recognized as one of the leading retail pet shop brands in the Western Cape, with its Head Office situated in Diep River, Cape Town.
In 1906 the Atlas brothers formed an Animal Feed Merchant Company and in 1979 Mr. Mel Levitt purchased the company. He identified a need in the market sector for premium quality pet products at competitive prices and began building the Perky Pets brand.  The first Perky Pets shop opened in the Tokai Shopping Centre and to date a further 12 branches have opened. In addition to the Perky Pets brand, the VetzCare brand was born to provide quality food and medication as prescribed by Veterinarians.
The team at Perky Pets has a hand on and interactive approach when dealing with their customers to ensure the best possible customer service and advice is provided.  Their qualified and knowledgeable team is always eager to answer any questions and assist when needed.
Perky Pets has created a chain store image. Every retail outlet has the same design, branding, pricing structure, knowledgeable staff and advertising. The purchasing of products is done by the buyers at Head Office. The products are centrally distributed. By purchasing products as the Perky Pets Group, this enables us to buy products at competitive prices, giving us the edge over our competitors.
Our systems that we have in place keeps management on the pulse of the business decision making process.
Our buyers travel extensively to exhibitions overseas, giving us the edge over our competitors.
Perky Pets  has a hand on and interactive approach when dealing with their customers to ensure the best possible customer service and advice is provided. Their qualified and knowledgeable team is always eager to answer any questions and assist when needed.
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Serenity South Africa ‘Quality Cotton Knitwear’

serenity-southafrica-cotton-knitts-capetown-nemosaSerenity South Africa

Using all the valuable experience gained from working in larger Knitwear factories in the early years, I  incorporated it into running my own small business – manufacturing, wholesaling and selling my own line of Knitwear and Clothing

Serenity specializes mainly in Ladies knits, but also has Mens and Kiddies ranges. After some experimentation in different yarn types, I decided to specialize in natural fibers – mohair, wool and cotton. There is a definite interest and niche in the market for garments in these yarns – but my cotton range proved to be the most popular and so that is where my main focus has been. With the help of my yarn spinner we developed a unique cotton yarn from scratch – the one is a natural cream colour and then later introduced another which has a flecked appearance to almost looks like a tweed fabric when knitted.

Because this business has been kept operating on a small scale it has meant that I have been involved in all aspects including: Knitting of fabric, designs of garments, pattern making, supervising & management of production – cutting, overlocking, straight sewing, button on & buttonholes, pressing, quality control, costings, customer liaison, as well as the running of my retail outlet at the Woodstock Co Op in Albert Road.

Each year I introduce a couple of new styles and continue to produce alot of the regular favorites. I also love to try individual pieces and cater to all sizes and most styles.

My emphasis in this business is to continue the passion I have for design, and put love into each of my creations so they can be enjoyed by everyone!

Happy Days


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Pro Events VIP Security

pro-events-capetown-vip-security-nemosaPro Events specialises in Events, Film Production and VIP Protection

Accredited by the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), Pro Events is proud to have provided efficient and friendly services to the film industry for more than a decade. Their highly trained and dedicated security personnel are the core of the company’s ever increasing success as the preferred service provider for South African productions, stills and events companies.

Supervision is a vital aspect of Pro Events’ security services to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its clients. The company has a 24-hour control room, as well as experienced managers on standby 24 hours a day. It also provides 24-hour guarding services, chaperone services, armed security, a trained dog unit, VIP security services, two-way radio rentals, and vehicle hire.

Additionally, Pro Events provides security services for major corporate functions, exhibitions, private functions and sporting events.


Red Security Cape Town’s Security Solution Provider

red-security-cape-town-nemosaOver 10 years, we’ve built our reputation for being dynamic, enterprising and experienced
in our offering of outstanding client service and the highest standards of security,
no matter how basic or intense your personal or business security needs.

RED Security is an independently owned South Africa asset protection company with No 0780901 by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (S.I.R.A) SERVICE HISTORY

Formed as a private company in Cape Town in October 1998, Red Security has one shareholder, namely Edward Beeka, who has more than 10 years experience in the security industry.

In that short time our service range grew from an initial guarding service to an all-embracing asset protection status.

Currently the service range we cover includes Access Control, Canine Unit, Event Security, Maritime Security, Property Guarding, Retail Security and VIP Private Protection.

For all your RED Security need contact RED SECURITY today


Johan and Winnie in need of a Motorhome from John316 Ministries

fishhoekJohan and Winnie Marais serves as full time missionaries traveling from town to town walking with the cross sharing the Gospel and pray for the people in every town as they go. They have given up everything and have been on the road for the last 12 months living in a 50 year 3m x 2m old caravan.

As the caravan is of age and very small they have started a fundraiser to to purchase a second-hand motor home that will better meet there needs. Watch the video below and if you can help them with a motor-home or do a financial contribution towards this need contact Johan on 081 7955 040 or visit there website for more information.

Thank you for giving towards this cause. There banking details are as follow if you want to contribute.

  1. Absa Bank: 9188894370
    Account holder: WEE Marais
    Branch Code: 632005
    Swift Code: ABSAAZAJJ
  2. Capitec Bank: 1482752954
    Account holder: John316
    Branch Code: 470010
  3. Paypal: send donation to (prefer people overseas to use Paypal unless you have to as we get charged a service fee)

Welcome to Tyre Plus Montague Gardens

tyreplus-montaque-gardens-cape-townMichelin Tyre Company established the TyrePlus franchise network, a global retail brand which has become the largest “One-Stop Shop” network with 4200 stores worldwide, offering tyres and car maintenance services. TYREPLUS, a multi-branded franchise network was established in 2002 and specializes primarily in the sale of Michelin and BF Goodrich tyres. A wide choice of all other major Tyre brands, oils & lubricants, batteries, suspension, brakes and air conditioning all form part of the TyrePlus business model.

TYREPLUS is a network of professional independent Fitment and Service retailers offering high quality products and automotive services at competitive prices.
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will provide professional service and advice, giving you peace-of-mind that your vehicle is in good hands.

Steve Hart

Over the past 38 years, Steve Hart has gained a wealth of experience in every aspect of Business Management from Entry level to Executive Management, both in the private sector and corporate environment, experience gained through having an active “hands on” approach to business. His expertise lies in the Motor Industry, more specifically in Retail, the Motor Dealership, Tyre and Service industry being his specialty. He has over 30 years’ experience and knowledge in the franchise market, product branding, product awareness and marketing, together with a strong financial back ground, all adding to extensive experience in managing and training of staff effectively. One of Steve’s strong attributes is his ability to motivate staff to excel. He has strong analytical qualities which enable him to effectively analyze respective departments and determine whether they are functioning effectively within an organization, implement checks and balances, and ensure that each department is efficient and profitable.
He developed a Management and Sales training program, aptly named “THE P PHILOSOPHY”. It covers a range of topics related to Management and the Sales environment in the retail market. He has implemented this philosophy in the workplace and during staff training with great success.



marcel-durler-foundernemosa-nemosa-networking-online-enetworking-cape-town-southafrica-marceldurlerFounded by:  Marcel Durler on 14th February 2010.

Network in Motion Social Awareness South Africa is an e-Networking business that incorporates NPOs and businesses linked together to build a brand with the vision of Unity in Communities.

It creates jobs and gives exposure to its associates.  It has been established to make a positive change or difference in South Africa leveraging off various Social Media platforms and websites to give exposure to those who network through us and to those who have not had the chance or opportunity to become part of the electronic era.  If we encounter a person/ organisation that is doing good in a community but is not registered e.g. a soup kitchen, our Business Associates (BA) can create a free listing and website and put them into a category and give them exposure through the network with the aim that another business/ organisation may offer to adopt them and provide donations to help and empower them.

The Business Network Category and the other categories will give valuable exposure through our database.  In exchange for our e-networking services, we are remunerated and a portion of the remuneration goes back into various NPO organisations of our choice.  This amounts to 10% of our income.

Marcel Durler lost his business and millions of rand’s during the recession at the end of 2009/ beginning 2010. Nemo SA was birthed through a humble experience of being taken to his knees.

Thanks:  Marcel is ever thankful and is constantly reminded of a good friend Mr Edward Beeka who helped him during this difficult and challenging time.  Edward has always believed in Marcel’s vision for Nemo SA – ‘Unity in Communities’.  Edward was the first sponsor for Nemo SA since inception.  He is the Owner of Red Security and Pro Events.

Dynamic Interactive Online Directory ListingNemo SA Contact details:  Marcel Durler