Panorama Pet Shop, just the Place for all your Pet Needs

panoramapets-nemosa1Whether your pets are feathered or finned, furry or scaly, we’ve got everything to keep your pets healthy and happy.

The well-being of our animal companions is a shared passion at Panorama Pet Shop, and therefore you will always find a knowledgeable assistant on duty. So, competitive racing pigeon experts, enthusiastic aquarists, proud hamster owners and avid snake lovers, we would like you all to become part of our family!

Panorama Pet Shop is a proud member of SAPTA (South African Pet Traders Association) abiding by their strict rules of animal husbandry and sales.

In 1972 the late Mr Piet Stassen opened the doors of a tiny shop on Voortrekker Road dealing in mostly gardening equipment. But his hobby (and passion for) birds could not be contained and led to the humble beginnings of Panorama Pet Shop.

Today Panorama Pet Shop boasts a 700 sq meter double storey building with Oom Piet’s beloved birds of all shapes and sizes still taking centre stage on the ground floor. This is also the place where Cape Town’s top racing pigeon experts meet.

The top floor houses an extensive aquatic section, as well as a selection of small rodents and exotic reptiles. We’ve always had a policy of not selling cats and dogs, but we do cater for all their needs and wants with accessories in the latest trends.

The large variety of paraphernalia we stock designed to enrich the living environment of our animal companions will impress the most pampered pet. And you will always find that it is very hard to beat the prices at Panorama Pet Shop!

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