South African Fire and Medical Academy

south-african-fire-and-mediIt is an association of professionals who are dedicated in upgrading Fire Fighting techniques and safety. SAFMA produces and markets high quality that compliments standards.

To identify areas for fire and first aid training and to foster the development and validation of training materials for industrial, Commercial, Marine and other related areas.

After completing any of the courses the candidates will understand and be able to completely perform the fire fighting and first aid duties and responsibilities assigned to them in the company’s emergency action plan.

Our offer to your company

If you have not already started your emergency planning process then there is no time to waste. Statistics tells us that the vast majority of organizations that experience an emergency without an emergency plan in place unfortunately do not survive, that is why we have to plan now to avoid becoming a statistic. There is no “off the shelf” option in emergency management, all businesses are unique and must be treated accordingly. A little work upfront can make all the difference when it comes to survival.

Using our simple emergency step plan, we will assist you in protecting your most valuable commodity ‘Your reputation’ whilst you ensure that both your business and the emergency is handled effectively. During any emergency there are many different areas that require your immediate attention. The incident itself will only be one aspect; other areas that will require immediate and effective management include your staff, neighbours, facilities, customers, suppliers, new media, and stakeholders to name but a few.

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